A Mysore Ashtanga Yoga practice is a daily practice that requires dedication and discipline combined with surrender and compassion. Like nurturing a seed into maturation of a beautiful flower, it requires attention, care, nourishment, and time. Students beginning a practice should be ready to commit to a minimum of three days of practice per week for one month. This will allow the teacher student relationship to take root and will provide the student time to ease into the physical and energetic nature of the practice. Over time, students might increase their commitment to practice (as their schedule will allow) up to the traditional practice of six days per week. Generally between four and six days of practice on a consistent basis is an appropriate place to be. 

AYNV Membership Tuition

Drop in - $20.00 * Drop In students should have an established Mysore practice. If you do not have a current practice please email us with your interest before coming.

New Student Month - $135 (Must commit to a minimum of three days per week for this option) 

One Month Unlimited  - $175 (one time payment)

Monthly Unlimited Auto Pay - $165

Three Months Unlimited - $469

Six Months Unlimited  - $899

One Year Unlimited  - $1,699

AYNV Class Cards

Drop in - $20

Ten Class Card - $180 (expires 2 months from purchase)

Twenty Class Card - $340 (expires 4 months from purchase)

Thirty Class Card - $480 - (expire 6 months from purchase) 

No refunds or premature cancellations.  Other terms and conditions apply.  Please inquire with studio staff.