Our Teachers

Ashtanga Yoga Napa Valley is committed to the authentic and transformational teaching of Ashtanga Yoga. Each of our teachers is first and foremost a devoted student - We uphold the sacred commitment of transmitting the teachings with a safe, supportive and non-dogmatic approach.


Kory Sheffer - Founder & Director

KORY is the founder and director of Ashtanga Yoga Napa Valley (Napa, California) where she leads and teaches a Mysore program now it its fourth year. Yoga found Kory about a decade ago through common Western and gym styled classes. Intrigued by the source material, she sought a more meaningful and comprehensive Yoga experience, discovering Ashtanga Yoga to her delight. Kory began this journey with Vance Selover (Berkeley, California) and gradually ventured to Ashtanga Yoga luminary Tim Miller (Encinitas, California) where she presently engages in regular study and practice.

Fortunate geographic proximity led Kory to meet Harvard Ph.D candidate Seth Powell in 2018. His mastery of Yogic history, philosophy, and Sanskrit language encouraged her to further her curiosity in these subjects. She regularly participates in Seth’s “Yogic Studies” online courses and invites him to share his immense knowledge and engaging teaching style with her community of students. In 2020 Kory will accompany and assist Seth on retreats to India and Bali. Kory credits Seth with catalyzing and fostering some of her most profound realizations in her time as a student of Yoga.

In June of 2019 Kory studied for one month in Bali under the guidance of Mark Robberds. She has been profoundly inspired by Mark’s experience and approach to integrating alternative movement modalities such as FRC and Kinstretch into the practice while maintaining the integrity of the Ashtanga Yoga method. Kory plans to make yearly (or more frequent) trips to continue her studies with Mark.

Kory has twice embarked on sojourns to Mysore India - November and December of 2016 and June and July of 2018 for intensive study with Sharath Jois.

In the Mysore room Kory is a supportive and encouraging teacher. She recognizes that all students are different and will require a unique and individual approach. While Kory adheres to the “traditional” framework of the Ashtanga Yoga sequencing and methodology, she will provide supportive and at times alternative suggestions - which may include deeper anatomical research or physical conditioning to ensure that each posture is appropriate for students to incorporate into their practice. When studying and practicing with Kory students can expect to be challenged in a supportive and positive manner; engaged in deep self-study, discovery & reflection; and inspired by the awakening of limitless potential.


Tatiana Hall - Teacher

Tatiana’s yoga journey began with saying yes to a yoga class while living in Orange County in 2013. She had low expectations, and was pleasantly surprised. While enticed initially by physical gains of having a lean, toned “yoga body” she was equally drawn to the practice for the mental health benefits. She made two trips to India to study Vinyasa Flow Yoga, and Viniyoga but didn’t feel it was the right fit. Then in 2017 she took her first Primary Led class with Dominic Corigliano and it felt like coming home. In 2017 she became a student of Kory Sheffer, and later that year began an apprenticeship at Ashtanga Yoga Napa Valley where she has continued to to teach since.

 She is a curious mind and interested in all aspects of Ashtanga yoga- be it physical, mental, and spiritual. There are endless layers to uncover, discover, and learn about ourselves and the practice. She feels that learning the physical aspects are highly important, but also a tool for much deeper mental and spiritual work. She is a student first, a teacher second. It is through daily, dedicated practice that she grows a deeper relationship with the practice showing up on her mat in all states and conditions. As a teacher she is encouraging and supportive with a gentle nature. She feels that it is important for students to develop a relationship with their personal practice to find what they are looking for through self inquiry and awareness. 


Anne Seveska - Assistant

For Anne, yoga is a family affair. She first learned Hatha and Yoda Nidra from her father. On Saturday mornings, he and Anne would follow along with To Life! Yoga with Priscilla Patrick on the local PBS station. Anne practiced yoga on and off for years, but in 2015 Anne’s sister urged her to try the Mysore program at AYNV. After dedicating herself to the practice, Anne discovered its transformational power. Ashtanga isn’t just physically challenging; it also fosters introspection and mental clarity. Anne credits the practice with helping her uncover her true purpose and cultivating the bravery to accomplish her goals.

Anne believes that Ashtanga is for everybody. As a graduate of Ekam Yoga and Wellness 200 RYT Training, Anne now assists for the AYNV family, and these are her favorite hours of the week. In her free time, Anne teaches Ashtanga yoga through the Trini foundation, works as a social-emotional advisor, lectures on the therapeutic benefits of yoga, and studies somatic psychology. Anne loves living in Napa with her family, spending warm evenings sitting by the fire in her backyard, cooking, laughing, and playing fetch with her dogs.

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